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Meijer Athlete’s Foot Cream Review

Editor's Rating:

This review of Meijer Athlete’s Foot Cream is meant to provide insight to prospective customers about the product and to make an effort to shed light on such products. The Meijer Athlete’s Foot Cream is meant to cure infections like Athlete’s foot and also meant to alleviate the burning and itching sensation.

The product is available on the product’s website and on other shopping websites. Read on to know more about the ingredients that are used to treat infections and look at the feasibility of this product.


The cream contains around 1% Terbinafine Hydrochloride Cream which is the active ingredient in this cream. The inactive ingredients are:

  • Cetyl esters wax
  • Benzyl alcohol (1%)
  • Sorbitan monostearate
  • Polysorbate 60
  • Cetostearyl alcohol
  • Purified water
  • 2-octyldodecanol

The list of these inactive ingredients is not mentioned on the product’s website.


There are no directions on how to use the product given on the website.When we looked into it, we found out that one should use this cream twice a day- morning and night by applying a thin layer on the affected area or use it as per the doctor’s advice. It is supposed to be used for four weeks and should be applied on a clean and dry area. It is also mentioned on the product’s packaging that special care needs to be taken for those suffering from athletes’ foot.

Possible Side Effects

There is no mention of the side effects regarding the cream but one should take care to consult a doctor if no improvement is seen after four weeks of application.  If you want to treat children under the age of two with this product, you should first consult a doctor.

The cream is priced at $11.79 for a 30 gr. tube. There are no offers or discounts offered on the product’s website.


There is no guarantee given by the manufacturer on the website andthat makes purchasing this product a risk.

To add to this, there are no customer reviews given and therefore it leaves a potential customer wondering whether it is worht it to buy this product.


Meijer Athlete’s Foot Cream does not provide any useful information for potential customers. There is no description of the list of ingredients that are used for this cream except for one active ingredient. There are no guarantees being offered by the manufacturer. The product’s pricing for a 30 g tube is high and to add to it there are no customer reviews.

There are no instructions given on the website on how to use the product and it seems as if the manufacturer is relying on the customer to buy the product and then follow the instructions that are given with the tube.  Overall one should be careful and be cautious when it comes to buying this product.

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